Saturday, January 9, 2010

It Snowed in Florida!

Woke up to find some little patches
of snow in our back yard.
Haven't seen snow here in Florida
for a long long time!

January 2nd ~ Cliff's 50th Birthday

Turning 50 is a pretty big deal but this year
we weren't able
to have a big 50th birthday party for Cliff. Most everyone was still away for the holidays. Marie was trying to get a party together for him but she got sick and was in bed on his birthday. The rest of the family were afraid to come over in fear they would get what she had! He did have cake and a few presents to open. Maybe
we will just have to have a big 51st party for him!

Holiday Dinner

We had our holiday dinner with Nana and Papa
Share a few days late this Christmas. They were
snowed in at their home in North Carolina for almost a week and 4 of those days they were with out electric! Just glad they were able to get here safely.
Nana and Papa share brought back paper crackers from England and we popped them before our meal and put on these silly hats that come out of them. It has become a tradition in our family to do this.
Brad and Kelly are spending Christmas out west with the rest of the family and
Nicole and Mikey were in Maryland visiting his parents for the holidays. We had our Christmas
with them before they all left.

Christmas Morning 2009

It was a
very quite Christmas for us this year.
Everyone except Marie,
Michael and Colton went away for the holidays.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bella Blue's 1st Birthday Oct. 2nd 2009

We had a cookout Friday night in honor
of Bella's birthday.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Clayton Bradley's Blessing Day

Clayton's blessing was really nice. Clayton
wore Brad's outfit that he was blessed in almost 29 yrs ago.
He almost didn't fit in it! He is quite a chunk!!
They waited to have him blessed
since Brad has been on a ship for several months off the
coast of Lousiana.
My parents weren't able to attend due to my father
having cateract surgery.
I know they would of been there otherwise .
(My dad is doing well).
Other family members weren't able to be there due
to summer vacations plans and then the other half of my family
lives out west now. We missed you guys!
So these pictures are posted especially
for all those who couldn't be there.
The rest of the day was spent out at Kelly's parents
eating lots of food and having fun.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Hoki Bunch

Robb and
took the
to a
There are
just so many
beautiful places
to visit out west.